Top Three Exam Tips

Picture of a Media student studying

Review Outlines

It is well known that making notes is important. Well when you do make notes be sure to jot down the headings and subheadings of the material covered. Later on, when you take a look at the review outlines you will be able to jog your memory faster by browsing through the main topics quickly before an exam.

Greed is Good

Practice, practice, practice. You are probably quite familiar with the saying, “Practice makes perfect”. This is a very valuable saying and should be implemented for exams. Try to learn from as many resources as possible. A few examples are demos, tutorials, books, e-books, journals, articles, media (audio and video). When you feel you’ve covered all aspects of the material, it is time to do sample exams and tests. Do as many past exams or samples tests as you can. The more the better. By the time you have finished doing these, the exam will feel as if you are writing another practice exam.

Relax and Focus

While studying for an exam, our minds might wander. This type of day dreaming might occur due to many reasons, especially if you’re feeling any emotions. You may feel anxious about the really big exam you have to write the next day that may be the decisive point of your final mark. In such cases it is always best to perform some type of relaxation. I find breathing techniques to be the most helpful. One way to do this is to simply lie down on your back on a pillow and take in deep breaths. After doing this for about no more than 5-10 minutes you will feel relaxed and focused and ready to get back to studying with clarity and focus.

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