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My Favorite place on Campus

Picture of students outside the student centre

When: This picture was taken when we had the screening of our Zombie movie I did with the CCSAI


Where: Student Centre

Why is CCSAI your favorite place?

CCSAI is my favorite place because the environment is really chill and relaxing a good place for having food playing pool or doing some exercise and specially having fun.

Why should students check out CCSAI?

Students should check out CCSAI as that place is really good for students specially for relieving from exam stress as music can help them overcome their stress. Students get a chance to talk with CCSAI members who are graduates or are currently studying in College. In CCSAI students can also get some good jobs which can be really beneficial in the future and most importantly the final papers are conducted at the CCSAI gym so it is good for students to check that place so that they cannot be confused at the time of paper that from where to enter the GYM.

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