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My favourite Student Service is the Academic English Centre

Picture of students doing homework in the library

As an international student, my favourite student service is the Academic English Centre located in L2-10 in library. There are so many nice English tutors available to provide extra English help to students from all levels. Tutors can provide all kinds of help, such as one-to-one conversations to improve oral skills, and essay-written workshops to enhance written skills. It is quite useful compared to the normal English classes.

After logging into mycentennial, there will be a Academic English tab, it's the entrance to the online appointment system. I recommend logging in this way because it’s more convinient to check there tutors’ schedule everyday, in addition, you won’t need to log in for the online system separately.

The tutors are all very kind and pleasant. They do not intend to help finish our assignment of course, but sometimes they do brainstorms with students, which can significantly boost the minds and finally help students to think in an English method. They encourage students to express their own ideas. After taking the Academic English Tutorials, I do feel more confident of my English skills, and now I do have courage to enroll in more activities than before.