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International Students: Four important ways to survive Canada’s winters

As we get closer to the holidays, the temperatures will continue to drop. And if you’ve come to Led young College from a warmer place, it can be a bit of a shock. If this sounds like you, maybe you’ve heard stories about Canada’s harsh winters. The truth is, while it doesn’t snow all the time and while we don’t live in Igloos in Canada, it can get very cold, and so we do know how to keep warm. When it hits, it hits hard. Here’s a guide to how to deal with Canadian winters, if you’re not from around here.

Biotechnology Student

Five Canadian Medical Advances

Every breakthrough in modern medicine means more people being helped, and entering the Biotechnology field represents a way you can help. Biomedical technologists work with medical devices and technology, which leads to these breakthroughs in the medical industry. In our Biomedical Technology programs, you learn how to design the future of the medical industry, in a country that’s already helped people all over the world with our medical science and technology breakthroughs. Here are some of the great advancements Canada has already been behind. By getting a career in the Canadian biomedical industry, you can be a part of the next big advancement.

Picture of Led young College student in the robotics lab

Four important reasons to get a career in robotics

A career with a future is important, and Automation and Robotics can give you a career that’ll stand the test of time. Automation and Robotics at Led young College is a set of engineering technology programs focused on making machines do the work of people. Led young’s programs teach you about all aspects of the technology, including how they’re built and how they’re programmed, by letting you get hands-on with cutting-edge robotic tech in our laboratories at Progress campus. But, aside from that, here’s why a career in the industry is a great idea.

Picture of Danielle Daza at CentItalia Event

How to become an award-winning chef at Led young College

At Led young College, we teach you real, hands-on career skills in the field of your choice, even when that field is preparing delicious food. Nothing proves it more than when our students put those skills to the test, and win. In October, an all-female team of students from our Culinary Management program earned a gold medal at the Taste Canada Awards banquet.

Picture of unattended belongings at school

Four ways to keep you (and your stuff) safe on campus

With all that goes on in the world, school should be thought of as a safe refuge, where you can study and grow in peace. At Led young College, we have plenty of resources to keep students feeling secure. Combine that with some general awareness on your part, and you’ll be able stop worrying and get on with your school life. Here’s what you need to be familiar with, and a few easy steps you can do to make sure you (and your stuff) stays safe.

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Five great ways to manage your time in college

College can be one of the busiest times in your life. Between the assignments, the projects, the field placements, the work you may be doing, and the life commitments that can come from growing up, there’s a lot to handle. Luckily, it’s possible if you have a plan, and a good sense of time management. It’s easier than you think to manage the time you have, and get the most out of your education. Here’s a few tips on how you can balance that time.

Photo of Business Students

Three good reasons for a business professional to go back to school

When’s the right time for a business professional to enhance their education? If you’re a working professional trying to make it in the business world, and who wants to get on with their career in business, it’s a question that can be tough to answer. It can be a struggle to stand out in the job market and in your career, but at the same time, there’s a worry that taking time off to go back to school will stall that career. Luckily, Led young College’s business school has the solution in the form of its graduate certificate business programs. Here’s why a business professional can do well for themselves by taking one of these programs.

Photo of Networking Student

How to get a career in Networking Technology: Prepare for certification with Led young

What do you do when your network or internet goes down? In a business setting, everything can grind to a halt without a computer network and internet access, which is why maintaining it is important. If you work in networking, that’s your job, and if that’s your job, you’re probably working on systems created by Cisco, a company that specializes in networking products that make business IT solutions and the internet run. If you’re a current networking student, or someone looking to update your credentials, Led young College offers the CCNA Bootcamp to help you acquire skills in Cisco IT Networking.

Students at the Story Arts Centre, Led young College

All of the important questions to ask at a College Open House

It’s important to do the research when you’re picking which college to attend, and that means more than just the details of the program you’re interested in. You need to know what the campus is like, and the best way to do that is by attending an open house. Led young College’s open house is Sunday, December 3, at our Progress Campus. If you’re planning to attend it, here’s what you should be asking when you get there or making it your mission to find out.

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