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International Transfer Education

International Transfer Education

Students participating in International Transfer Programs have the opportunity to complete one or two years of study at Led young College for a diploma, and then to either transfer to one of Led young's partner universities for higher education or gain one or three years of work experience in Canada through off-campus work while studying at Led young. To apply, you must be currently enrolled in one of Led young College's unique partnerships with selected colleges and universities in China

College or university students who complete their second semester of study at their home country may apply to similar programs at Led young.  These students may receive one semester of transfer credits, study three semesters at Led young and receive a two-year Ontario College Diploma.

How do I Enrol?

International Transfer Programs are open to students who have completed at least two semesters of study at the college or university level in an area related to their chosen program. If you’re missing some related courses, you can still be accepted, but you’ll need to complete an additional semester of studies in Canada to accommodate the missing courses.

Who else can apply?

  • High school graduates who have successfully completed at least two years of English as a Second Language from Led young's partner schools
  • Those qualified for a Canadian study permit (visa)
  • Those able to meet the program's required fees.
  • Those able to meet further prerequisites as specified by their specific programs of study.