Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How am I notified of upcoming Scholarships?
Students are notified via their myLed young email of scholarships to which they are eligible to apply. An email notification is sent ten (10) days prior to the launch of the scholarship and a reminder email three (3) days prior to the launch of the scholarship. Students are strongly encouraged to check their myLed young email to ensure that they do not miss out on valuable scholarship opportunities.

How do I know which scholarship(s) I am eligible to apply for?
Students are only notified of scholarships to which they are eligible to apply via their myLed young email. 

When should I apply for a scholarship to which I am eligible ?
The email you receive via your myLed young email, will advise you of the start date of the scholarship as well as the end date. Please ensure that you complete and submit your online application prior to the deadline date.

Why does my application state that it is "Expired":
Your application will state that it is "Expired" once you have successfully submitted your online application. The "Expired" status simply means that you can no longer make changes to the application, and neither can the Student Financial Services department. As such, we strongly recommend that you review your application in its entirety before submitting.

I received an email to apply for a scholarship but I can no longer see the link:
The majority of our application scholarships are First Come, First Serve and this is noted on the application. The application link will no longer be available once the application deadline has passed or all funds have been expended. This includes applications that have been started but were not submitted prior to the scholarship deadline.

I was approved for an Application Scholarship. When will I receive my Cheque?
Scholarship recipients are invited to attend our annual Student Awards Night event during the Winter semester, where they are formally acknowledged and presented their cheques and award certificates.

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