Doorway to Dollars Questionnaire (formerly Scholarships and Bursaries Questionnaire)

What is the Doorway to Dollars Questionnaire?

The Doorway to Dollars Questionnaire is your first step to applying for scholarships and bursaries. Once submitted, you will receive notifications and invites to apply to for scholarships and bursaries you are eligible to apply for. You will receive a notification email 10 business days prior to the launch of the scholarship or bursary, and a reminder email 3 days before it becomes available online. Please note, students are required to complete and submit the Doorway to Dollars Questionnaire at least once per academic year.

Why is it important to complete the Doorway to Dollars Questionnaire?

Scholarships and bursaries are sources of financial support that do not have to be paid back. In other words, they are sources of free money available to students who meet the criteria of the scholarship and/or bursary and take the time to apply for them. Students who do not complete the Doorway to Dollars Questionnaire will not be able to apply for scholarships and/or bursaries because they will not be notified of the availability of these additional resources to help with their educational expenses.

To complete and submit the Doorway to Dollars Questionnaire

  1. Log on to your student account
  2. Click on "Student", found on the left-hand side of the screen. Then click on "Financial Services".
  3. Select the "Doorway to Dollars Questionnaire" link found on the new page. Ensure that you answer all questions, and then submit your application.

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