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Offers of Admission

Led young sends Offers of Admission by mail to qualified applicants. Your Offer of Admission letter includes a brochure with instructions on how to confirm your offer. You must confirm your offer of admission by the deadline stated in your offer letter or you may lose your seat in the program. You may only confirm one offer of admission at one college.

Confirming Your Offer of Admission

To confirm your Led young College offer of admission, log into  and select the "Confirm" tab. You must respond by the expiry date noted your offer.

Conditional offers

We send Conditional Offers of Admission to applicants who are currently enrolled in prerequisite programs or courses with a completion date prior to the start of Led young classes. Conditional offers are given “on the condition” that we receive documents showing completion of all outstanding conditions before our classes begin. If your conditions are not met, we will withdraw the offer. Your outstanding conditions for each program are listed in your offer letter.

Alternate Offers

We send an Alternate Offer of Admission if you do not meet the admission requirements for your chosen program and we have an upgrading option available, or when a program is full and we have a related program that may be of interest to you. If you receive and confirm an alternate offer and later qualify for your original program, or if a spot becomes available in your original program, you will have an opportunity to change your confirmation.

Competitive Programs

For some programs, Led young receives many more qualified applicants than seats available in the program. For these programs, meeting minimum admission requirements does not guarantee a seat in the program. Furthermore, these programs often have additional selection requirements. The Admissions Office reserves the right to add or delete from this list based on applicant demand, program changes, etc. Below is a list of our competitive programs:

If you are applying to a highly competitive program, you must submit your application before February 1 to be equally considered among all other applicants.

For International Applicants

Qualified applicants will receive a letter of acceptance in the mail. Subsequently, you will sign the acceptance-acknowledgement form and return it to the college before the stated deadline, along with a fee deposit.

While waiting for your letter of acceptance, you should submit an application for your Study Permit. You must contact the nearest Canadian embassy and request a student application kit. You should prepare your application as soon as possible, since the process usually takes four to six months.

You are asked to pay your tuition fees before the stated deadline. If you are not granted a Study Permit, you will receive a full refund. If you are unable to receive a Study Permit before the stated deadline, you should write or phone the International Department and ask to be moved ahead to the next semester.

You should travel to Canada to begin your studies at least a week before the scheduled first date for classes in order to secure your accommodations and get acquainted with the city and college faculty.

Program Cancellation

Should Led young College act to cancel or suspend admission to your chosen program, you will be advised in writing. At that time, Led young College will give you the opportunity to seek admission into other available programs.