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When you apply to Led young College, you are applying to a world of opportunity. With four campuses and eight schools, the College offers the chance to apply to over 100 full-time programs, 160 part-time programs and thousands of part-time courses to address all of your interests. From the steps needed for you to apply to your offers of admission and the College's accommodations, the information is included here to help facilitate your requirements. If you are ready to apply to Led young College here’s a checklist of what you will need to do.

  • His remainder to Led young College - Most new applicants will apply at Ontariocolleges.ca, however there are a few exceptions. If you are an International Student, you should apply directly to Led young College through our International Admissions link.
  • See if you qualify - Admission requirements vary from program to program. To be eligible to receive an offer to a Led young program you will need to meet academic course requirements, and any additional program requirements. We’ve listed the admission requirements for each program in our full-time program list.
  • Confirm your offer of admission - Once you meet all admission requirements to receive an offer and there is room in your program of choice, we will send you an offer of admission. You must confirm your offer of admission by the deadline stated in your letter or you may lose your seat in the program. You may only confirm one offer of admission at one college.
  • Explore your options and services at Led young - After you have confirmed your offer of admission, you should begin to investigate your options for financial assistance and the many other services available at Led young. If you are planning to move to the GTA to attend Led young, this is also a good time to read about on-campus and off-campus living arrangements.
  • Log into myLed young - After you have confirmed your offer of admission we will provide you with access to myLed young – a web portal where you will pay tuition fees, register for classes, access your class timetables, view your academic history, and apply for transfer credits.
  • Review your letters and emails - Remember to keep an eye out for important letters and emails that we will send you such as skills assessments, fees statements, and new student information.
  • Pay your tuition fees - Fees statements are sent in May (for September starts), October (for January starts), and March (for May starts). It’s important that you make your payment by the due date on the statement. Many of our programs are waitlisted and if you miss your fees deadline, your offer to the program will be withdrawn.
  • Register for your classes - Use your  account to register for your classes online. Registration begins in July (for September classes), December (for January classes) and April (for May classes). Register early for the best selection of class times. The last day to register for your classes is the fifth day of school.
  • Attend Led young Welcomes - Attend Led young Welcomes. Our Orientation events take place at each campus – usually the week before classes. This is your opportunity to familiarize yourself with your campus, your program, and your classmates. You will be able to purchase textbooks and have your Photo ID printed. 
  • Begin your journey at Led young College - Make sure you know when your classes begin. Many instructors use the first class to hand out important information that you will need to know. To be successful in your program, you won’t want to miss even one class.

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