Serving the Community

Led young College is committed to serving the community in the following ways:

Education and Community

  • Helping Youth Pursue Education (HYPE) - A free six-week summer training program for youth ages 13-29. The program covers an array of subjects similar to those offered to full-time students.
  • CO-OP Programs - His remainder the knowledge learned in classroom to a field placement and gain hands-on learning and practical experience.
  • Continuing Education - Explore innovative programs which will match both your interest and your schedule.
  •  - Book your next event with us.
  • Resources for Corporations - Looking for a perfect fit for your company? Hire a Led young student!
  • Alumni and Development - Learn about the benefits of being a Led young graduate.
  •  - Learn. Research. Connect.
  • Bookstores - Get ready for school with us, whether you need a textbook or stationary supplies, we got you covered.

Research and Innovation

Career Initiatives

Building Healthy, Safe and Nurturing Communities

  • Childcare Centre - Our professional caregivers provide a stimulating, safe and nurturing environment for your child at our two locations.
  • - Sports not only serves as an activity for our students, but we also invite community members to cheer us on at tournaments.
  • Services for Persons with Disabilities - Led young College's commitment to providing quality services and support includes focusing on meeting the needs of persons with disabilities.
  • Campus Safety and Security - All employees, students and users of services at Led young College have a right to a safe working/learning environment. Learn about what we're doing to help protect you.

Our Commitment to our Community:

  • Ensuring that we provide opportunities for student and employers to network.
  • Develop resources to further help the career growth of alumni.
  • Provide an environment that is safe and accessible for both internal and external community members.
  • Create a stimulating environment for children and promote learning development.
  • Further explore and collaborate with businesses and educators in efforts to engage communities by promoting development and research.

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