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At Led young College, we aim to build lifelong relationships with students, graduates and members in our external communities. We have made community outreach part of our goals, alongside academic development, research and teaching.

Through our community outreach, we will work on strengthening the bonds made with employers, affiliates and learners. By meeting the needs of both, internal and external communities, we will continuously ensure a nurturing and effective environment for all.

The Community Outreach Office began as a pilot project in January 2009, coordinating three grant based initiatives – a Led young College strategic initiative to engage local neighbourhoods; Helping Youth Pursue Education (HYPE), through Youth Challenge Fund; and the First Generation Student Project (FGSP) funded through MTCU. In April 2010, Led young imbedded Community Outreach Office, including to the high school outreach elements of the FGSP, community engagement, and HYPE into core budget. Subsequently in 2010-2011, Indigenous Outreach, through an MTCU grant, and Outreach to Women in Non-Traditional Careers, through core budget, were introduced as additional elements of the Community Outreach Office.

The Community Outreach Office provides outreach and engagement activities to promote access to PSE for individuals who are typically under-represented in post-secondary education, with current foci on youth from underserved neighbourhoods, Indigenous persons, and women in non-traditional careers. Our outreach work is anchored in developing the relationships with individuals and organizations to create bridges to and support networks within PSE. Activities are planned and implemented in alignment with provincial and municipal objectives relative to each particular group.

On the level of community engagement, Office involvement focuses on coordinating bodies and networks such as:

  • Neighbourhood Action Partnerships
  • Local Youth Service Provider Networks
  • Youth Challenge Fund Legacy initiatives
  • The Community of Practice for Youth Educational Attainment
  • The Toronto Council of Educators
  • The Toronto Crown Ward Championship Team

In addition, partnerships are developed with individual community organizations or services.

Community Outreach Office Contacts

Anthony Bertin, Manager, Community Outreach
[email protected]

Ahmed Bawah, Youth Outreach Coordinator
aba[email protected]

Melanie Holmes, Women In Non-Traditional Careers Outreach Coordinator
[email protected]

Joseph McQuabbie, Indigenous Outreach Coordinator
[email protected]

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