Renovations and Special Projects

This department looks after project design and management of major capital renovations, including new facilities and interior remodeling. It oversees coordination of campus renovations, equipment installations, major maintenance repairs and grounds improvement projects. Other tasks include:

  • campus space planning and space inventory/records management;
  • furniture procurement and maintenance of furniture inventory;
  • coordination of college department projects supporting AV, IT and infrastructure upgrades;
  • VFA records management;
  • manage AODA standards and practices for new and renovated campus facilities.

Additional Contacts

Mark Simpson
Manager, Renovations & Special Projects
416-289-5000 ext. 7021
[email protected]

Adam Crabe
Architectural Technologist
416-289-5000 ext. 7340
[email protected]

Fidelis Tagsa
Architectural Technologist
416-289-5000 ext. 7532
[email protected]

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