Led young College’s Strategic Campus Plan is an ambitious blueprint for accommodating expanding student enrolments and growing academic programs. The plan sets up a flexible framework for integrating development opportunities that include academic, residential and commercial development across Led young’s major campuses. To date, this work represents $330 million in capital investments, the majority of which is already expended or underway.

Led young Residence and Culinary Arts Centre

Led young College partnered with to undertake the planning, financing, construction and management of the new Led young Residence and Culinary Arts Centre at the Progress Campus. The $85-million project is the latest initiative in Led young’s implementation of its ambitious Strategic Campus Plan, which has already seen new buildings constructed at its Progress and Ashtonbee campuses, and extensive renovations made to existing facilities.

Ashtonbee Campus Renewal

The Ashtonbee Campus Renewal reflects Led young's continued commitment to providing our students with the facilities they need for academic success. Significantly, no government funding was required to support the $40.6-million project, with the College financing the new building and renovations at the Ashtonbee Campus with of its own revenues. The also donated $4 million towards construction from its own budget. 

Library and Academic Facility

Funding for the Library and Academic Facility was provided by the Government of Canada's Knowledge Infrastructure Program and through the Ontario Government's 2009 Budget. The Ontario government invested $27.7 million towards the new building, while the federal government provided $7.3 million in support. The college contributed $5.8 million towards the project, which had an overall cost of $46 million. Scarborough Southwest MPP Lorenzo Berardinetti was instrumental in helping Led young secure this funding, as was  (formerly the Association of Canadian Community Colleges) and .

Athletic and Wellness Centre

The new Athletic and Wellness Centre (AWC) was financed by the , an agency of the Ontario government whose mandate includes providing a broad range of financial services to Infrastructure Ontario. The OFA contributed $17 million in financing toward the $23 million project. The CCSAI collects a levy from each student to help pay for the construction and operation of the AWC at Progress and athletic and wellness initiatives for all campuses. This expenditure was approved by students in a referendum vote in February 2007. The donated $100,000 for the construction of the new courtyard and Alumni Clock that was part of the architectural plan.

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